Connecting Generations for Good

Recent Grants

Two-year general operating support to recruit more senior volunteers to help 9,000 low-income, underserved youth with their creative and expository writing skills through in-school/after-school tutoring and writing workshops.

One-year program support to bring senior caregivers and vulnerable foster children together to reduce the placement of children in group homes and institutions.

Two-year program support for Re-Imagining Orange Grove, an intergenerational creative place-making project focused on the Orange Grove corridor, the highest-crime area in Pasadena.

One-year program support of the Kinship Care Project to provide multigenerational families with essential free legal services.

Two-year program support to establish a full-time volunteer coordinator position to recruit and train senior volunteers to help meet the needs of the rapidly growing youth population in San Pedro and Wilmington.

One-year program support to engage a multidisciplinary team of faculty and students to evaluate and conduct needs assessment of Grandparents As Parents (GAP)'s services.

One-year general operating support to increase community outreach efforts to focus on geographic-specific recruitment of court-appointed special advocates for children in foster care.

Five-year capital support to develop the new Children’s Institute Watts Campus, which will serve 5,000 at-risk children, youth and family members annually in one of the most underserved communities.

Two-year program support for the Generation to Generation campaign that will mobilize 1 million people over 50 to stand up and show up for kids and help change the national conversation about intergenerational relationships in America.

One-year program support to improve the quality of life and learning for more than 750 children and 750 low-income seniors through intergenerational arts education and mentoring collaborations between affordable senior housing members and schools in Southern California.

Two-year general operating support for intergenerational engagement within the Los Angeles County child welfare system – specifically, on the ability of elders to provide for the direct care of foster children and to help navigate the complex systems of services.

One-year program support for an intergenerational mentoring program between seniors and youth with moderate to severe physical and mental disabilities in the South Bay.

One-year program support to recruit more senior volunteers to serve as mentors to college-bound low-income students.

One-year program support to launch an intergenerational early childhood education initiative focused on recruiting older, culturally diverse adults (aged 50+) to provide literacy, numeracy, and socialization skills to under-resourced young children aged 0-8 years old in LA County.

One-year support for a new signature report on shared-site intergenerational programs.

One-year general operating support to provide a program that combines athletics, afterschool educational enrichment, and community for low-income youth in the greater Anaheim area.

One-year program support to partner with Eisner Pediatric & Family Medical Center to leverage the impact of high-quality prenatal, postnatal and pediatric services through GOOD+ Foundation’s diaper and critical gear.

One-year general operating support to provide mental health services, safety-net services, education, and child-focused advocacy to 3,500 kinship family members.

One-year support to build a new volunteer engagement strategy for the Family Empowerment and Mentorship program.

One-year program support to expand the participation of senior volunteers as Inner-City Arts provides access to quality arts education for underserved students in Los Angeles Unified School District.

One-year project support to deploy 75 senior Community Corps members to preschools in low-income communities where they will engage with children using a literacy curriculum to reduce the achievement gap.

One-year program support to produce a multi-platform documentary exploring the live of Los Angeles’ seniors and their communities.

One-year program support to develop and implement a senior volunteer engagement strategy to strengthen program delivery to low-income families throughout the organization.

One-year general operating support for an intergenerational culinary job training organization that empowers emancipated foster youth and older adults transitioning out of incarceration to thrive in careers in the food service industry.

Two-year capital support for a new multi-purpose and multi-generational community facility in Downtown Los Angeles to expand intergenerations activity opportunities.

One-year program support for Arts for NexGen which provides rich opportunities for conversation and collaboration between multiple generations through artist-led workshops, storytelling, hands-on arts making, and free general admission to 235,000 children and their families annually.

Two-year capital support to build an intergenerational campus for LGBT youth and seniors in Hollywood that enriches each generation and creates a true sense of community.

One-year program support for Youth Orchestra Los Angeles (YOLA) that offers three underserved areas of Los Angeles an immersive experience in music-making after school and on Saturdays

One-year support for the City of Los Angeles' Summer Night Lights program.

Support for the Purposeful Aging initiative which unites the City and County of Los Angeles around investing in new services and infrastructure to benefit the growing and aging population in the region.

Two-year general operating support to expand the current two-generation learning program to inlude opportunities for senior volunteers and grandparents to serve.

One-year capital support for the purchase and installation of a new modular unit to expand the Child Care Center component at the intergenerational care organization to improve the lives of seniors, children, and their families in West San Fernando Valley.

Two-year capacity-building support to restructure the volunteer program to create more opportunities for intergenerational programming.

One-year program support for Art Through the Ages, a pilot expansion of their core arts education program to benefit seniors and children.

One-year program support for the Kinship Project, impacting 120 relative caregivers (mostly grandparents) raising children in and out of the school system.

Two-year general support to prepare more than 9,000 K-12th grade students in the Northeast San Fernando Valley to enter and succeed in college.

One-year program support to recruit and train senior volunteers to serve as reading partners to over 700 K-4th grade students across Los Angeles.

Two-year program support to launch a new intergenerational volunteer program that will enable senior-age volunteers to assist low-income children ages 0 to 5 with literacy and development.

One-year general operating support to provide more than 100,000 hours of focused educational support to 3,700 homeless youth.

18-month program support to continue Encore Fellows program to place seasoned professionals to help nonprofits build capacity, grow strategically and have a broader impact on their communities.

One-year general operating support for community-based organization representing multi-ethnic neighborhoods in Northeast Los Angeles to offer intergenerational programs designed to train the next generation of leaders and elderly residents in community advocacy.

Support for the 2017 Aging Into The Future conference.

Support for the 2018 Aging into the Future conference exploring how tech and innovation are transforming the lives of older adults.

General operating support over three years to bring high-quality arts education resources to the state's lowest performing elementary and middle schools.

Two-year support for three research-based intergenerational programs: Generation Xchange, TimeOut@UCLA and UCLA Alzheimer's and Dementia Care.

Two-year program support to launch a Grandfather Reading Buddies program that will bring retired men and retired police officers to help young boys of color ages 5-9 in South Los Angeles.

One-year program support for Scribe for Success which connects volunteer electronic medical record student scribes and retired physicians to expand access to care to low-income, uninsured and homeless population.