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The Eisner Foundation partners with NBC’s “Give”

The Eisner Foundation partners with NBC’s “Give”

May 3, 2017

Update (May 7, 2017): The episode is available for streaming here.

The Eisner Foundation is partnering with NBC’s new show “Give” to showcase two of its grantees, ONEgeneration and Spark Los Angeles. The episode airs the weekend of May 6, 2017.

The new show focuses on philanthropy, partnering with foundations and celebrity ambassadors all over the country to identify nonprofits making a difference in their communities. In The Eisner Foundation episode, actress Camilla Belle visits ONEgeneration and Spark Los Angeles to learn more about their intergenerational programs, and to surprise them with a gift.

ONEgeneration is a combination adult and child day care center in Van Nuys. Through carefully designed programs throughout the day, seniors and children come together for structured activities that facilitate meaningful connections.

Spark Los Angeles creates mentorship opportunities for underserved middle-schoolers in Los Angeles. By partnering with companies like Hulu (featured in this episode) for semester-long programming, children learn to see themselves in professional settings and discover new career paths, while employees find increased satisfaction in their jobs.

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