Connecting Generations for Good

Grant Criteria

The Eisner Foundation supports organizations offering intergenerational solutions to society’s greatest challenges. Tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organizations based in Los Angeles County or doing work that benefits populations in Los Angeles County are eligible to apply. Grants are available for general operating expenses, project support, capacity-building, and capital projects. For smaller organizations or larger organizations launching new intergenerational initiatives, we offer Opportunity Grants up to $25,000. Learn more about our grant programs here.

When evaluating organizations as potential philanthropic partners, we focus on the following criteria:

Efficiency:  The Eisner Foundation believes that charities have a responsibility to their donors, the taxpaying public, and the people they serve to operate as efficiently as possible. We generally fund organizations that allocate at least 75% of their operating expenses directly to their programs, whatever they may be. In line with this, we benchmark organizations against their peers, and compare the efficiencies of charities with similar missions and geographical locations.

Effectiveness:  The Eisner Foundation seeks organizations who have demonstrated success, and have measurable patterns of achievement that can be used to benchmark future accomplishments. Organizations unable to show proven past results are less likely to garner Eisner Foundation support.

Exceptional Leadership:  The Eisner Foundation believes that in the nonprofit world, great organizations require great leadership. In a crowded marketplace with many redundant charities, visionary and extraordinary management usually leads those that succeed. We seek organizations with exceptional leadership teams, and are more likely to approve a proposal from institutions led by true innovators.

Expected Outcomes:  The Eisner Foundation is not interested in vanity philanthropy designed to bring attention to the founding family or its work. Our goal is to ally with institutions that create long-term solutions that eliminate societal problems, not merely alleviate the symptoms. As a result, we evaluate organizations on their understanding of working conditions, and their expectations on the impact work that has been enabled by our funding. We are actively seeking charities that can produce specific, objective, and measurable outcomes that can be assessed and documented externally.

For Opportunity Grant applicant organizations that have been in existence less than three years, our review will focus on leadership and expertise or special understanding of issues related to the sector in which the program operates.