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Shared Sites: People Want Them, But Where Are They?

June 5, 2018

All In Together

Today, The Eisner Foundation and Generations United are pleased to release a new report on intergenerational shared sites – places where young and old come together, build relationships, and learn from and alongside each other. These sites are efficient ways to improve the lives of multiple generations at the same time, and as our survey shows, they’re popular too! We found that 92% of Americans believe activities bringing together children/youth and older adults can reduce loneliness across all ages, and 89% think that serving both children/youth and older adults at the same location is a good use of resources. However, only 26% know of intergenerational shared sites in their own communities.

But this new report has some solutions to that. By highlighting fantastic organizations with shared sites (including our grantees ONEgeneration and the Los Angeles LGBT Center), we present inspiration and concrete actions for community members, organizations, and government officials to increase the number of shared sites around the country. Read the full report here and read the companion shared site survey here.

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