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Keeping Tradition Alive: Keewaydin 2016

August 24, 2016

2016 Campers

Each year, The Eisner Foundation continues an Eisner family tradition: camp.

On the shore of Lake Dunmore an hour from the small Burlington, Vermont airport lies Keewaydin, where three generations of Eisners have spent their summers (with the fourth generation close behind). Michael Eisner himself attended from age eight to twenty-two, joining the staff in his later years. He credits Keewaydin as the place where he developed the values and principles that have served him throughout his life.

For over a decade, The Eisner Foundation has sent a group of Orange County youth from disadvantaged backgrounds to Keewaydin and its sister camp Songadeewin to benefit from the same character-building experience the family has had for almost a century. This year, fourteen children aged ten to fifteen have just returned from four weeks of camping, canoeing and more. Working closely with GOALS in Orange County, which organizes after-school sport programs, the group was selected based on leadership skills and their potential to benefit from attending camp.

Their camp experience wasn’t too far from that of Michael Eisner’s father, who first attended in 1924. Broken up into groups by age, the campers were fast friends with the others, who had come from dozens of states and even other countries. They had daily access to the lake, hiking trails, fields for various sports, and arts and crafts programs, and a special camping trip. Excursions ranged for two to ten days, depending on the age group.

Throughout the camp experience, Keewaydin’s motto of “Help the Other Fellow” is impressed upon the children, as it has been for decades. Each year, the groups return with increased self-confidence and honed teamwork skills—and we’re pleased to report that the 2016 group is no different.

We’re proud to support the growth of these children as they explore new terrain and personal potential, and we look forward to sending another group next summer!

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